The more your Customers share, the more you get back.

We’re always striving to make the lives of our Distributors as successful and simple as possible. To provide 30 more reasons for our customers to love us, we’ve introduced the Share NZ$15, Get NZ$15 Program. †

This is a program exclusively for Customers to help them introduce LifeVantage products to their friends and family. Aimed at increasing new customer retention in their critical first few months of membership, the program allows existing customers to share discount coupons with potential new customers. Here’s how it works:

Share NZ$15 – Get NZ$15

The program is simple. Customers will share their unique link to give friends and family a NZ$15 discount off their first purchase (approx. GST inclusive value NZ$16.50), in return the Customer will receive a NZ$15 credit off their next order (credits are applied in whole dollar increments – rounded up to the next whole dollar).

There’s no limit to the number of times a Customer can share their link, so potentially, no limit to the credits they can receive. All credits are auto-applied to their next purchase (one-time orders or subscriptions) and are good through the last day of the month following the purchase (ex. If they were to share their link with Jill and Jill makes her first purchase via the shared link on August 2, the credit will automatically be applied and be valid through September 30).

Don’t worry if someone doesn’t act right away – share links don’t expire!

What This Means For You

Every new Customer will be placed as if you (the Distributor) would have enrolled them yourself. That’s a brand new Customer with virtually no effort on your part. The CV (Commissionable Volume) * of any purchases with applied credit will be reduced by 1 CV per credit spent. OV will not be reduced. However, by keeping Customers engaged with friends and family at a discounted price, existing Customers will engage longer – meaning more months of product sold, and ultimately more CV.

When a New Customer Purchases

To clearly outline how this program affects your commissions, here’s an example: 

Pam, an existing Customer placed directly under you, shares her link with her friend, Jill. Jill clicks on the link, purchases Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer and receives the following discount:

NZ price for Nrf2: NZ$64.50
Discount used: – 15 credits (GST inclusive value: NZ$16.50)
Total Jill pays:  NZ$48
Credits can only be applied toward product. Any shipping costs are still the responsibility of the buyer.

Sales Commissions are calculated by taking the PV sales amount multiplied by the LifeVantage currency conversion factor (1.40 in New Zealand as of March 1, 2020) and then multiplied by the applicable bonus. Because 15 credits were used on the purchase, the commissionable value will be reduced by 15 after it has been multiplied by the currency conversion factor.

Regular PV: 40
Conversion factor:× 1.4
Commissionable value (CV):56
Reduction in CV– 15
New CV for the purchase: 41

That means, in the above example, you would receive NZ$12.30 (41 x .30) for the Smart Start Bonus on Jill’s purchase. Remember, OV is not reduced, therefore, you will receive the full 40 PV towards your rank qualification.

When an Existing Customer Redeems

Pam then receives 15 credits after Jill makes her first purchase with Pam’s unique link. Pam uses these credits to purchase a Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer:

NZ price for Nrf2: NZ$64.50
Discount used:– NZ$15 credits (GST inclusive value: NZ$16.50)
Total Pam pays:NZ$48

Because 15 credits were used on the purchase, the CV is reduced by 15.

Regular CV: 56
Discount used:–  15
New CV for the purchase: 41

The 41 CV will pay out in the Unilevel Commission and you will earn 40 PV towards your OV for rank advancement. 

There’s no reason not to encourage your Customers to act immediately! The more your Customers share, the more you get back. Give love, get love – and with the support LifeVantage has, there’s pleeeeenty of love to ship worldwide.

* Commissionable Volume is Product Volume times LifeVantage Currency Conversion Rate

† Store credit. No cash value. Credit will automatically be applied towards a future purchase from LifeVantage.

**Must have at least 5 personally enrolled customers share their code, resulting in a successful confirmed transaction.